A new exciting way of sports betting with the community and friends, where users will have to put their sports knowledge into action to predict the exact scores on soccer matches around the world that will be listed in the open markets at Kickir. 

Start using your stablecoins USDT and make great returns while having fun with your peers!!

At Kickir, our goal is to provide the perfect environment for our community where users can make a big chunk of money with only $1 USDT while having a lot of fun with their peers by predicting their team favorite scores.  

In our platform, you do not play against the odds, you play with the community and friends. Our type of bet does not encourage users to play unconsciously or play significant amounts of money.

You will always be able to cancel or modify your bets before the market closes at no cost at all. And even more, if there are no winners on the "One Time" type of bet, users will get their full money back. 

So you don´t win, we don´t either!!

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